We will no longer be taking orders through this site

For Order Status Inquiries, PLEASE EMAIL

In order to expedite your inquiry or request, please try to provide as much information and detail as possible - this will save a great amount of time and help us to provide you with more appropriate responses.

Please Make Sure to Provide the
Following Minimum Information:
  • Full Name
  • Shipping Address used on order
  • Order Number (if available)
  • Date of Your Order (if available)

Customer Service Representatives will normally be able to address your questions and provide you responses within a day of their receipt. - There are instances however, when we receive extremely large volumes of email inquiries (in bursts) that may take longer than usual for us to respond to. Please be patient, we will respond as quickly as possible and expect an e-mail response within 1 or 2 business days.

If you need assistance PLACING AN ORDER or have questions about products and services you may call Toll Free.

If your warrantied item is not working, please return it to the address with your name and address and a replacment will be sent right out.

Fulfillment Center
22 S Smith St
Norwalk, CT 06855


Monday thru Friday - 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST